The BlockPad is excited to officially announce our recent strategic partner RocketX, an incubation and liquidity aggregator with cross-chain swaps and token transfers.

The BlockPad is on the mission to make DeFi easily accessible to upcoming projects and businesses. That’s why we always look out for ways to projects and…

We are exhilarated to welcome PolkaEx to join BlockPad’s exponentially expanding, esteemed list of ecosystem partners.

At the core, BlockPad thrives to support innovative ideas to help them launch in this competitive blockchain space by just not providing a platform for the fundraise but also all essential DeFi tools. …

This is the day we were waiting for! The BlockPad team is incredibly excited to announce the $BPAD IDO on three promising launchpads.

We have been working for quite a while now and BlockPad has now become a multichain suite of DeFi applications. The BlockPad predominantly solves the issue of…


A Multichain DeFi Gateway For The Web 3.0 Ecosystem!

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