Rebranding BlockPad as Blockius — Entering A New Era

Why did we rebrand?

Why Blockius ($BLOS) then?

  1. Name: As we support multiple blockchains with all of our products, and blockchain networks are made of blocks, the suffix -ius justifies the new name.
  2. Logo: As our logo exhibits the launch and all of our services are necessities for projects yet to launch, we are sticking with the old logo. We are keeping its legacy as we all have been connected to BlockPad for a considerable period of time.

What to Expect?

  1. Transition to the new rebranded name and logo across with social media and respective usernames.
  2. Transition to the new rebranded name and logo across our ecosystem partners and investors’ portfolio.
  3. Migration of existing website data to a rebranded domain deployed on a brand new cloud instance.
  4. Temporary downtime of BlockPad Vault services to make new deployments and successive migration.
  5. Imposement of temporary slow-mode on Telegram community to acknowledge rebranding and answer questions appropriately.




BlockPad is rebranded to Blockius.

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BlockPad (Now Blockius)

BlockPad (Now Blockius)

BlockPad is rebranded to Blockius.

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