Revealing Strategic Partnership with RocketX

The BlockPad is excited to officially announce our recent strategic partner RocketX, an incubation and liquidity aggregator with cross-chain swaps and token transfers.

The BlockPad is on the mission to make DeFi easily accessible to upcoming projects and businesses. That’s why we always look out for ways to projects and companies that share the same vision. While on the hunt, we found RocketX, a platform for simplifying crypto trading and value investing.

RocketX is a global liquidity aggregator with emphasis on cross-chain swaps & token transfers, that provide access to global liquidity across various CEXes and DEXes with a single click. It provides a non-custodial solution while assuring the best rates and minimal slippage.

RocketX Labs also provides a complete incubation for high-quality early-stage projects in the crypto space. The incubator projects are researched by their analysts and enthusiastic community and reveal them to retail investors for possible participation in private token sales.

At BlockPad, we aim to establish investor confidence utilizing our DeFi tools. Token minting and token vesting are indispensable processes that every project has to pass through. Similarly, staking and LP mining are the events that maintain token prices while engaging the community.

But if handled natively, teams will be occupied entirely with the development and auditing part whereas core products face indefinite pauses. Therefore, we will be leveraging this partnership to expand our ecosystem by offering a suite of DeFi applications to RocketX and its incubated projects.

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The BlockPad is a multichain network of decentralized applications that acts as a gateway to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. It predominantly solves the issue of investor confidence in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by providing a suite of decentralized and intuitive products with compatibility of multiple blockchains.

It offers a decentralized way to safeguard investors from a range of projects that might pull out the liquidity or sell off vested tokens. On the other hand, projects can leverage its ecosystem from raising funds to support tokens by staking and liquidity mining applications.

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