Declaring BlockPad Early Supporter IDO Ticket Winners

The BlockPad IDO ticket contest winners are in! After a long intense discussion on amazing entries that we’ve received, we are finally ready to disclose the winner list.

Less than a week ago, we had launched various contests for BlockPad IDO moon tickets to the community. We have received more than 400 entries and really enjoyed creative and funny memes and gifs made for promoting BlockPad and its vision of establishing confidence among the investors.

We are pleased to share that the contest has now ended and we want to take this opportunity to thank each one of the participants for their creations. We appreciate your hilarious submissions but as decided earlier, we’ll have to choose 2 winners from each of the contests.

Hey, runners-up, you were as amazing as winners are but due to spot constrain, we may not be accommodate you. It is the time to celebrate as we are declaring the final list of winners based on their creativity level. These are the winners who will have a chance to invest in BlockPad IDO directly.

Note: Some of the participants had submitted multiple entries which were all amazing and thank you for that. But in order to be fair to everyone, we have not chosen the same winner in multiple contests.

BlockPad IDO Ticket Contest Winners

1. Meme Contest


  • @jazir2003
  • @racdec

2. Gif & Sticker Contest


  • @frkmoon
  • @CryptoThamizhan

3. Video Contest


  • @ibrakaratas
  • @Sachin961101

4. Infographics Contest


  • @Maheshkumar_Selvaraj
  • @tpg_gkg

5. Generic Contest

  • @cooper_steven
  • @matthew_langer

How to claim IDO tickets?

  1. Contact @shieldbert on Telegram
  2. Provide your contest entry Twitter link along with your name and email address
  3. Follow instructions as provided

Precaution: No one from the BlockPad team will contact you first for any kind of funds, we repeat no one! Stay sharp to avoid falling for such scams!

About BlockPad

It offers a decentralized way to safeguard investors from a range of projects that might pull out the liquidity or sell off vested tokens. On the other hand, projects can leverage its ecosystem from raising funds to support tokens by staking and liquidity mining applications.

Official links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram ANN | LinkedIn