Announcing BlockPad Triple IDO — Gear Up!

This is the day we were waiting for! The BlockPad team is incredibly excited to announce the $BPAD IDO on three promising launchpads.

We have been working for quite a while now and BlockPad has now become a multichain suite of DeFi applications. The BlockPad predominantly solves the issue of investor confidence by offering BlockPad Vault seamlessly while offering essential tools to projects to differentiate themselves from this crowded market.

Our aggressively tested and audited BlockPad Vault now has surpassed TVL of 269 million USD. This could only be achieved with your endless patience and support and we are thankful for that. After successfully concluding our IDO, we plan to launch the next two exciting products by the end of December.

We wanted to offer investors an impeccable experience for purchasing BPAD tokens from our IDO. Considering multiple factors, we have selected reliable platforms with a focus on fairness and security. That having said, BlockPad ($BPAD) IDO will be hosted on three leading launchpads — DuckStarter, Moonstarter and TruePNL.

BlockPad IDO Overview

  • Token Ticker: BPAD
  • Blockchain: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
  • IDO Price: $0.55
  • Initial Marketcap: $171,050
  • Vesting: 25% unlocked at listing, 75% linear biweekly vested over 3 months
  • Token Distribution: TBA
  • Listing: Pancakeswap (Date TBA)

Key Dates for BlockPad IDO


$BPAD IDO Timeline for TruePNL

Official links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

2. $BPAD Moonstarter IDO

$BPAD IDO Timeline for Moonstarter

Official links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

3. $BPAD DuckStarter IDO

$BPAD IDO Timeline for DuckStarter

Official links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

We look forward to your participation in $BPAD IDO on any and/or all of these platforms. Before accessing them, please keep these precautionary points in your mind.

$BPAD IDO Precautionary Steps

  1. As IDO gets closer, we are prone to face multiple fake Telegram groups impersonating us and asking for funds. Keep your eye wide open and consider the following points:
  2. We neither DM first nor ask for funds. (Official admins: @artemicius, @shieldbert @blockpaddev, @curioushippo, @vividnoob)
    $BPAD smart contract will only be revealed on the day of listing. Any other smart contract you see prior to the listing will certainly be fake.
  3. We haven’t listed $BPAD token anywhere and all of the BPAD trading pairs will be fake trying to scam you. Be aware!
  4. Follow our social media channels provided below to be updated regularly regarding IDO news.
  5. Please report the unofficial BlockPad group/s to avoid people falling from scams.

Official links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram ANN | LinkedIn